Still Life Photography

Still Life Photographer Celso Marrero specializes in creative luxury product photography. Modern Still Life photography, powerful imagery for advertising and commercials. As a London still life photographer Celso Marrero uses his creativity to increase and confirm a brand value, producing elegant and unforgettable photographs for all needs.

Food & Drinks Photography

Celso Marrero is an experienced Still Life Photographer who can see and execute any the job end to end. If you are looking for a budget-friendly food and drinks photographer able to achieve consistently beautiful food photography for commercials, menus, magazines, website or social media campaign Celso Marrero can accommodate your commission in the UK and worldwide.

Lifestyle & Portrait Photography

With a very creative style and focused attention to details, Celso Marrero produces candid lifestyle photography or elaborated and dramatic portrait for advertisement, magazine, brochure, website and social media campaign. As a London lifestyle and portrait photographer, Celso Marrero is the go-to photographer for high-end quality photography at an affordable price.

E-Commerce Photography

Perfect for straightforward product e-commerce photography on a white background. Celso Marrero will apply his styling skills and photography expertise to show your product at its best.
Fashion photography, jewellery and cosmetics, invisible mannequin and accessories are some of the fields where Celso marrero works daily. For this reason, he can guarantee efficiency and the highest end to end service.